About Me


I’m a senior technology leader with 15+ years of experience in IT Professional Services Leadership, Software Engineering, IT Strategy, IT Performance and IT Transformation. My goal is to help businesses get the best from technology through innovative, collaborative, efficient, profitable and enjoyable ways. With a background combining both executive and technical experience, I bring a blended business + technology vision to my work.

My current main areas of focus are Cyber Security, Digital Transformation and the CIO Agenda. Besides that, I am always interested in everything related to software!

I am particularly fond of applying an agile way of working to everything I do. I believe in collaboration and continuous discovery / delivery. I am also trained in coaching skills, which I use to add a people-development dimension to the mix whenever possible.

I have deep field experience in most aspects of the IT business, having led engagements and done business development activities in Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Uruguay and Mexico.

I also enjoy being a frequent publisher and speaker, having published in prestigious media and done presentations in Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Finland, Mexico, Uruguay and the US. I got the “New Directions in Software Architecture” Presentation Award by the SEI and IEEE Software in SATURN 2011.

I’ve been passionate about technology since a very early age. I read my first computer book at 6, started reading about programming at 10 and began coding at 11. I love what I do.

In my spare time, I am a practitioner of Kettlebell Marathons, a russian weightlifting sport. I got certified as a CKT Level 1 in 2013, competed in 2014 and got again certified as a MKS Level 1 in 2015. I also run a blog about by my Kettlebell Marathon and Indian Club practice.